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#1. Think about the previous interactions you have had with the opposite sex. Has a situation ever occurred with someone of opposite sex that you found deeply puzzling and/or incomprehensible? And which you also think is somehow a function of that person's gender (not just the specific individual involved)? If so, think about what happened, and the behaviors, cognitions, motivations, or emotions of the opposite sex that you found particularly puzzling

1. There have been many instances in the past in which my girlfriend has expressed sudden jealousy and anger when I give attention to other people. Obviously, one could expect interactions with other girls to be a problem, with fears of undue flirting. However, this also occurs when I am giving attention to my male friends as well. While this could possibly be due in part to personality, I am convinced that it must mainly be an issue of gender. For one, I have had similar experiences with other women in my life ( e.g. my mom). Also, I cannot think of any male friend, family member, or acquaintance who has ever remotely displayed such a reaction. The most puzzling part of this is that these bouts of jealousy seem to often occur right after moments of pure contentment or intimacy between my girlfriend and I. It literally feels like there is a switch on the back of the head that turns on the bad vibes. With my mom, it seems to be more of a surpressed indignation over the family's general lack of appreciation for her efforts as a provider and organizer. When times are good, there's no mention of any problem. However, as soon as a dish is broken, or a trash bag is not taken out, there is hell to pay for how hard she strives to help the family "survive", and how little I or my father do to assist in the campaign. (0645)

1. Although I have never had an experience with the opposite sex which I would go so far as to call “incomprehensible”, there are some things I find about females which don’t make sense to me. In particular, the majority of the females I’ve known seek serious, long-term relationships. Females appeared this way to me even in high school. Furthermore, most females I’ve known are looking to get married and to do it at a very young age (in general). I’ve had numerous relationships that ended very fast because I’m not interested in having a “serious” relationship. I plan on finishing school and starting a successful financial career before I settle down and get married. I have no fear of commitment, but for one that is theoretically as absolute and eternal as marriage, I am in no hurry. Thus, the behavior I find puzzling about females is how high of a priority they place on finding serious, exclusive, long-term relationships from even a very young age. (5626)

1. A situation that has been confusing to me, with the opposite sex, is when you are out with a female and they get offended or upset when you make a comment about another female or just look at another female. It makes me wonder if they are really that insecure about themselves that they have to be made to thought they are the only female in the universe the moment they are with you. The thought process which females have puzzles me. What could they possibly be thinking that they think they are not guilty of finding other people attractive, they are also just human. The only difference is they don’t say anything and may observe someone of the opposite sex more discretely. When it comes down to it all I can think of to explain this is that they would rather just not know what we really think and just want to know and see what makes them, feel secure. Personally I don’t mind a female looking at someone else or making a comment, this make me feel more trusting of them since they don’t feel the need to hide things. (6163)

1. It seems as though women drop very subtle hints as to whether they consider you a friend or as something more. Most of which are ambiguous and difficult to decipher. I feel as though I must make the move and interpret them correctly as males must be viewed as the aggressor in pursuing a relationship. It’s hard because you don’t want to overstep your boundaries and make things awkward. I think women don’t ever want to be the aggressor and so must send out subtle hints to not appear that way. They also tend to date assholes. (4073)1.A situation has occurred in the past with the opposite sex which I still find particularly confusing. I have had arguments with women in which I try to agree with and understand them, but they still act aggressively and defensively. I do show bias in my arguing with them, but they get very emotional and hot-headed. The conversation ends with me being puzzled as to why we cannot work out things rationally, rather than getting emotions involved. I feel as if I could communicate with women better if they remained calm during arguments and discussions. (5130) A situation I found very confusing was when my girlfriend introduced me to her friend. I had no interest in the girl but was trying to be nice since it was her friend. She mistook this attempt at kindness for attraction and got mad at me because she thought that I was attracted to her friend. It was very confusing because I was just trying to be nice to this girl because it was her friend. (6468)

1.) A situation that I found puzzling was in regards to how the opposite sex didn't understand the certain expectation of remaining just “friends”. I found this baffling because there is a societal stereotype that only men cannot handle this distinction. Both sexes can feel the same emotions, but this particular female's actions went above and beyond her emotions and thoughts. Had I known what was in store for me, I would have happily avoided the situation in the first place. (7098)

1) The one situation that sticks out the most would be the total difference in communicating with a now, ex-girlfriend. I intended to make communication very clear for both her and I, by speaking and acting directly. Everything goes great for the first few months, and then she complained that I am a horrible communicator and that I am insensitive for being too blunt. She told me that I separated my feelings from her in the way I wanted to communicate, by being unemotional. My defense was that I value open and direct communication instead of acting sensational and irrational. Though it is extremely unfair to distribute her characteristics to all females, this difference in communication is obvious is many heterosexual relationships. (4816)

1. I have a close female friend back home who for the last 2 years had dated a complete and total asshole. I say this not out of jealousy—I treasure her friendship—but because he truly is scum. He has cheated on her, struck her, stayed out late without calling on purpose, and even spit in her face on multiple occasions. He has no job and abuses drugs and alcohol yet even though they’ve been on and off for months, she claims that she’s in love with him and can’t imagine life without her. I’ve given up trying to get her to stick up for herself; even her ex’s mother tells her she should just stay away from him because he’s never going to change. What I want to know is this: why does the asshole always get the girl? Why should I have to treat her badly in order to get her to fall in love with me? That’s just not me but unfortunately, being a gentleman hasn’t been nearly as successful. 4168

1)One of the most puzzling things I have never been able to figure out about girls is their most favorite response, the two words “I’m fine”. In the past I would always just believe the girl is fine when she says this and would continue on with my day. Now a days I now know that it’s just code word for “I’m not

fine”. Imagine if they just added one word. I’ve noticed girls always say this while attempting to hold back any emotions they’re feeling, act reserved with their body language, and also put on a poker face. They’re good at it, but after bad experiences it’s easy to see past that. Another baffling thing about girls that I have to add is their need to travel to the bathroom in packs. I honestly cannot think of any reason why they need bathroom pals when going to the bathroom is supposed to be a personal thing and usually done alone. This is one of the biggest mysteries to men. (5899)

  1. Over years, after having shared many experiences with girls in both friendships and relationships, I have come to recurring action that many girls commit. I’ve come to realize that girls in general have very high expectations from their friends. In other words, they believe their friends or people they care about around them should be acting a certain way. This often leads to aggravation when the other person does not act in accordance to these expectations. In no way are these expectations bad, for I believe that these expectations come from the idea of reciprocity. For if a girl is putting so much effort into a relationship with another person, they would expect the same amount of effort back. (9995)

#2. In general, what do you like about the opposite sex? What do you dislike? Again, think of the opposite sex in general, as they actually are, not how you might like them to be different.

2. Overall, I think the most admirable trait of the female gender is its ability to love and care for others. Women seem to tap into these wells of thoughtfulness and consideration that try as I might, I will never find. The women in my life are always remembering my birthday (and furthermore give me gifts for it), calling to say "hi" because they miss me, and often deferring their own plans or pursuits to help me out when needed. In terms of dislikes, it seems that women have a tendency to over-analyze situations. Not only can this be annoying as a male who does his best to not "sweat the small stuff", it can sometimes be outright dangerous in a relationship with a woman, romantic or otherwise. In terms of annoyance, you can always count on a girl to have an hour-long soap opera story about how her friend told her such a thing, and how your friend cannot determine whether this has a hidden meaning and implication for their friendship or not. In terms of danger, one can never know when an impending arguement with a girl is incoming because of the most insignificant action or word on your part. For example, telling a female friend that you will call her when your group of friends goes out for dinner and forgetting, may take more than just a simple "sorry" to remedy. Also, offering to help another girl with an errand might be a declaration of war to your girlfriend. It sometimes seems that female cognition is almost wired completely differently from males. (0645)2. I like the fact that females have such a high capability to express their emotions and they furthermore use it to the maximum. Females, whether a girlfriend or just friend, are very fun people to hang around with because I’m not as emotionally guarded around them as I am around males. Their maternal instincts seem to extend to all their relationships so that they are generally more helpful, thoughtful and empathetic than men are. I dislike the fact that they CAN be and SOMETIMES are so over emotional, dramatic, rejecting and judgmental. I also dislike the fact that they don’t have the same amount of aggression that males do. Obviously, women’s lack of aggression in several areas gives them an advantage over men (e.g. relationships and social interaction). However, if you have ever watched a women’s basketball game, it is really not impressive. Even in the WNBA, the lack of testosterone makes itself painfully obvious. In the business and professional world as well, it seems as though women aren’t quite the opportunists and capitalists that men are. Men are twice as likely as women to start an entrepreneurial enterprise. They don’t seem to me to be as willing to take financial risks, directly confront people, or express anger. A lot of this probably has to do with cultural oppression, but I think the hormonal differences also play a role. (5626)

2 .There are a number of things that I like about females. The sex appeal they have to me is one of the top things. Also, the maternal instincts they have are also something I like a lot considering my close relationship with my mother. They often bring a very different point of view of a given situation that their male counterpart would not. I dislike the way that they can be very “catty” with other females. I feel males see other males as competition to better them self whereas females just see other females as threats so they try to tear them down with words and assumptions of them. I also dislike their need for constant commitment even before any real relationship status has been established. (6163)

2. I like how different women are then men. They think differently by looking at the world with a more empathetic view and motivate us to be better. I also think women are objectively better looking. I dislike that they complain about problems but don’t ever feel the need to solve them. Any suggestion on what to do usually warrants a negative response. I also feel as though they blow a lot of situations out of proportion by over analyzing them. (4073)

2.I like the companionship provided by the opposite sex. It is very different from being with boys, in that girls provide a caring, nurturing friend. Rather than playing sports or games with other guys, I would rather sit down and talk with my girlfriend about relevant subjects such as our lives and our love for each other. You feel special with a girl because they are really affectionate and make you feel loved. It is easy for a girl to pick up your mood and be there for you when you need her. I dislike the apparent passiveness of women. Whenever I have dated in the past, I always felt like I had to strike up the conversation. It made me wonder if they really had anything to say at all (of course they did!). This has been proven by my relationship. Initially meeting a woman, however, has consistently resulted in me talking the most, and having to be the leader of the conversation. (5130

The thing I like most about the opposite sex is the difference is personality associated with being a female. For the most part, females will be much more caring and sympathetic which can be helpful at times. For example if you are not feeling well, a female friend is much more likely than a male to help you while you are feeling ill. The thing I dislike the most the opposite sex is that they tend to be very judgmental towards males. Often if a guy makes a bad first impression it seems like the judgment is already there and not a lot he can do can change it. (6468)

2.) In general, characteristics that I find appealing about the opposite sex mostly pertain to personal upkeep and aesthetics. That being said, there is more than just physical attraction. I appreciate the maternal and nurturing actions women tend to take over their male counterparts. I tend to dislike the amount of communication most women expect in order to feel secure. (7098)

1. I2) I appreciate how women smile and laugh more than men- seeing a friendly face makes your feel more comfortable with the people around you. Also, it is easier to talk openly and directly with a female, but at the same time, I tend to trust members of the same sex with secrets more than females. Socially, I like how females are nurturing and value relationships, always wanting to continue/progress friendships, whereas males tend to be content with their current/given social circle. I dislike how some females have the need prove they can do everything a man can do, except have a similar sense of humor: it’s 21st century America, I strongly believe in gender equality, but instead of proving a point by defeating stereotypes in a negative way, like beating a guy in a fight, one should instead defeat a stereotype in a positive way, like learning how to laugh like a guy and have the ease to move through problems and stay away from grudges. If both men and women made efforts to work against their own negative stereotypes, the opposite gender will slowly recognize this, and the polar ends of the “Male vs. Female Spectrum” shift towards the middle. (4816)

2. I 2. I like and appreciate that I can talk with my lady friends about everything I simply can’t talk about with my guy friends, including but not limited to: falling short of the ideal male standard, other personal failures, dreams, aspirations, and how to talk to other girls. Male and female friends hold you to different standards and look out for your different needs. Men are always going to like women for their looks. Always. But there’s a warmth in every girl’s embrace, one that’s hard to find between guys. Women just seem naturally capable of transmitting raw nurture and for that, I love having them around. I don’t like having to mind read. When I can see facially that something is wrong, responding with “It’s fine” doesn’t help anyone. Also, PMS is an overused excuse. I’m not insensitive towards biology, but since all we do from birth to death is behave, everything we say and do is a choice. So man or woman, we all should make better choices and just love and respect each other no matter how crumby we feel. 4168

2) .

The things I enjoy about girls have to do with both their physicality and personality. On the physical side I love just about everything about them. Whereas personality wise there are certain qualities I love about girls. Generally I love how girls are spunky, out there, and extremely open. They are usually clean; smell great, and always organized. Whereas things I dislike about girls are their unwillingness to drop grudges, their love for cliques, how deceiving and conniving they can be, how sometimes high maintenance they can be, and finally how judgmental they can be to other girls. (5899)

2. In general, I like how most girls have a soft side to them. Whether it be them being sympathetic, connecting at an emotional level, or helping a person out in need, I feel that it is more common for women to engage in these more compassionate acts than for men. I don’t like how many girls are capable of being more catty. I feel as though sometimes its hard to know what a girl actually thinks about you and what they are saying behind your back. I do believe that girls talk behind people’s backs more often than guys in the sense that a guy would be more willing to say something bad to that other person’s face. (9995)

#3. What is the one thing that the opposite sex most misunderstands about your own sex?

3. The opposite sex seems to believe that all men care/think about is sex. Yes it is true that men very often think of sex, but that is not the most important thing to men nor is that all men think about. I believe that women think about sex just as much as men do but women either do not like to admit it, do not know how to handle their feelings or fail to act upon their emotions/urges to protect their reputations/image. (7753)

3. The stereotype about men and emotions seems to be one of the biggest misunderstandings. In general, it seems that women either believe that men are emotionless or do not care for emotions. This is in fact untrue, and I believe I can say this not just for myself but even for the most "macho" kind of male. I know that I do my best to surpress displaying sadness or insecurity, admittedly sometimes because of the cultural pressure to be masculine or for other reasons. However, I know that I am also very much in touch with my emotions, and have even been complimented as being emotionally intelligent. I believe women are looking for certain benchmarks of emotion, such as sharing all our problems or insecurities with them, and asking how their day went. When these certain criteria are not met, they mistakenly assume that emotions are simply not the male forte. Guys care, and think about emotions a lot. We just do not always need to express them. (0645) 3. The most misunderstood thing about men, by women, is the belief that we have the same capacity for emotional expression and self-understanding that they do. We don’t. (5626)

3. The most misunderstood thing about males is that females believe we are emotionally simple. This is far from the truth males just have different emotions provoked by certain things and even when the same emotions are provoked the way of dealing with said emotion is different for males. Males are just different, not simple. (6163) 3. Women think guys just care about sex. It may be true in some guys, but not all. And Ironically if a guy isn’t crazy about sex they feel as though the male isn’t interested in them or something is wrong with him. (4073) 3.The opposite sex misunderstands our emotional outlook. Even though guys show less emotion than girls, it does not prove that guys are less emotional. In fact, men are raised in a society where they must prove their masculinity. Proving their masculinity involves showing no emotion, being aggressive, and being dominant. Doing so increases stress, which has been proven by scientific studies. This conclusion displays that guys have emotions as well, and holding them in has negative consequences on their health. (5130) The one thing women tend to misunderstand about men is that they are not constantly thinking about sex and are therefore more likely to cheat. Men do think about sex often but that does not mean that a man cannot commit to one women. (6468)

3.) I believe that most women tend have preconceived notions in regards to men's (in)ability to communicate their emotions. Although it may seem like most men don't want to talk about their feelings, many do- just not to women. It tends to be much easier to tell a same sex friends personal problems and fears, and some women don't understand that. (7098)

1. I3) I appreciate how women smile and laugh more than men- seeing a friendly face makes your feel more comfortable with the people around you. Also, it is easier to talk openly and directly with a female, but at the same time, I tend to trust members of the same sex with secrets more than females. Socially, I like how females are nurturing and value relationships, always wanting to continue/progress friendships, whereas males tend to be content with their current/given social circle. I dislike how some females have the need prove they can do everything a man can do, except have a similar sense of humor: it’s 21st century America, I strongly believe in gender equality, but instead of proving a point by defeating stereotypes in a negative way, like beating a guy in a fight, one should instead defeat a stereotype in a positive way, like learning how to laugh like a guy and have the ease to move through problems and stay away from grudges. If both men and women made efforts to work against their own negative stereotypes, the opposite gender will slowly recognize this, and the polar ends of the “Male vs. Female Spectrum” shift towards the middle. (4816)

3. Girls will never understand that we’ve been hardwired with not only an unquenchable desire for sex, but also enough seed to impregnate every woman in North and South America. From a strictly biological point of view, our motivation in life seems pretty damn obvious, but we’re not all pigs. True to life, it can be difficult to give a girl or even a girlfriend complete undivided attention when having to combat hunger, thirst, AND the strong urge to copulate. Girls seem almost offended by how much guys value them for their looks. Why? Beauty is indicative of health and that’s something we love in a potential mate. Women want men who can provide for a family. There’s nothing wrong with wanting different things. 4168

3) I think the one thing girls have the biggest issue with us is our lack of emotion. Guys can get into fights and will be best friends soon after. Girls would obviously find this so baffling due to being the complete opposite of being emotionless. Girls fight and they remember it forever. And forever is an understatement. There is no forgiving with girls they will always hold a grudge against the other girl and it will remain at the back of their head for as long as they both exist. Because of this is what I think of as the reason for girls and their cliques. They seem to be very territorial and stick to a certain “wolf pack” because of the sole reason of staying away from their certain enemies. Girls are fierce and sometimes scary when it comes to girls they can never forgive. (5899)

3. I think women often don’t realize how emotional guys can be underneath. I know men in general act tough and unaffected on the exterior, but I know many who are hiding their true feelings. It is even hard for other guys to realize this about their fellow guy friends. I think it just takes a lot longer for a guy to open up and express their true feelings. (9995)

#4. Think about a time when you found yourself particularly attracted to someone of the opposite sex. What characteristics of that person do you think attracted you? What was the most important factor that attracted you to this person, e.g., physical appearance, personality traits, self-confidence, social status, friendly gestures toward you, etc.?

4. When I first met my girlfriend, the first attraction was purely physical. I was struck by how pretty her face was, and then secondly attracted to the shape of her body. However, what made her stick in my mind was her "cool" almost aloof manner. She did not give me a particularly warm "girly" greeting. Instead, it was a polite greeting, and a general sense of disinterest in me. I am not sure if this made me crazy about her because she seemed so unattainable, or something else. However, my attraction to her deepened when I was informed by a friend that in fact she was incredibly attracted to me, and was attempting not to over-play her hand. (0645) 4. On a physical level, I am attracted to a girl with a beautiful face, a large butt, wide hips, a skinny waist and big breasts. These are essentially the only characteristics I am looking for if I am just looking for a hook-up. In looking for a girlfriend, the most important characteristics are that she be smart, nice, confident, and an interesting conversationalist. I couldn’t care any less about social status. Personality is number one in looking for a relationship. (5626)

4. The physical characteristics that attract me to a female would be their breasts, butt, waist, face, and eyes. As far as personality goes humor and self confidence and being low key are very important. I would say the most important factor would be, prior to meeting physical attributes, after meeting demeanor and mannerism around me. (6163)

4. I have to be attracted to a girl to be interested in her. But she doesn’t have to be beautiful or gorgeous, just interesting. I know plenty of good looking girls who I’m repulsed by their behavior, beliefs, and lifestyles. I would take a cute girl with a great personality over an extremely attractive woman with a shitty personality. So on top of her physical attractiveness she has to be confident, intelligent, easy going, and have similar goals and ideals. (4073)

4.The person who attracted me was very flirtatious and physically attractive. The most important factor that attracted me to this person, however, was her warmness towards me. She made me feel liked and admired, and in return, I liked and admired her. She was very friendly only in the beginning, however, and ended up being very cold. The first impression she made on me, however, was very powerful, due to her initial friendliness. I have concluded that friendliness is what attracts guys the most, because I hear my friends mention the same thing. (5130)

The thing that most attracted me to my girlfriend was the fact that she was very easy going. I did not feel like I was constantly trying to impress her or always had to be on guard. (6468)

4.) In regards to attraction to a member of the opposite sex, I believe that it always first stems from physical appearance. After physical appearance, appreciation of the more subtle aspects can begin to occur- primarily personality traits. There has never been an instance where I felt attracted to a member of the opposite sex based solely on social status. As far as personality traits, I think being candid and genuine go a long way. (7098)

4) A combination of many factors determines whom I am attracted to. While personality, physical appearance, self-confidence, social status, friendly gestures, are all included, the most important to me is if I respect her like I respect my female friends. Physical attraction is often the first information the brain receives, to say it is the most important is false. At the same time, I could not date someone I am not physically attracted to. (4816)

4. Until we speak to each other all I have to go on is looks, therefore appearance is the first thing I notice. But despite what some girls might assume, faces are the first things I look at. Bright eyes and a smile hold my attention, but it’s a reciprocated interest that next dictates the lifespan of the attraction. Social status isn’t a huge attraction for me, after all, aren’t I supposed to be the “provider” some day? I do however value education, and you can get a relatively quick and accurate assessment of that in everyday conversation. Some say that men seek out their mother in other women. Once you choke down the Oedipal imagery, you realize that it’s not so far-fetched. 4168

4) Looking back I find that there are a few general traits that I try to find in girls. The girl has to be laid-back but at the same time extremely active. I really don’t enjoy high maintenance girls who always care about their body and what they look like. Obviously I care a little about what they look like but no matter what it always comes down to how they react away from everyone. She has to be confident, because if she’s not confident then conversations are always just me talking things would just be way too boring for me. (5899)

4. I think everyone in general look at the overall person. Meaning their general look, their hygiene, their clothes, who they are with, etc. What personally attracts me most is their eyes, hair, and smile in particular. Initially all attraction is mostly physical. After i’ve established I think the person is cute, I would then go about finding about their social aspects. (9995)

#5. In your opinion, what are the strengths and weaknesses of the opposite sex?

5. Females are for one, very caring. They are excellent at taking others' problems and internalizing them as their own to assist in helping to find solutions. Also, they tend to be much more organized than men. I rely on the women in my life to keep me on track with my appointments and cleaning of my room. Finally, women are very generous and will express their generosity even when it is not neccesary. For weaknesses, women tend to think emotionally, rather than logically. Also, while they are very detail-oriented it can sometimes bog them down with seemingly useless facts or analysis of situations. Also, constructive criticism can easily be interpreted as a personal attack to them. (0645) 5. The strengths of females are their abilities with language, persuasion, social interaction, emotional intelligence, self-control, self-identity, empathy, and understanding. The weaknesses of the female sex are being overly concerned with other people/relationships and not concerned enough with their own personal accomplishments. This over concern with other people is what I would hypothesize causes females to be so emotionally dramatic, analytical, and sensitive. (5626)

5. Females are very good at being nurturing and compassionate, in general. Despite being emotional at times when big emotionally hard times come up they can be very strong and keep their composure well especially in front of others. Weaknesses would be their need to be complimented and reassured of their physical and personal characteristics constantly. Their unstable emotional extremes are also a weakness, they seem to run very hot and cold. (6163)

5. Their strengths are their ability to be empathetic, give an alternative perspective, and ability to communicate once in a relationship. Their weaknesses are their constant need for validation of their qualities and over analyzing of things. I would say they can be a bit too emotional. (4073)

5.The strengths of the opposite sex are a nurturing nature, a willingness and motivation, non-physical violence, wonderful companionship, and a strong capacity for love. Their weaknesses, however, include emotional turmoil, a lack of initiative, willingness to gossip, and somewhat irrational communication. (5130)

I think the greatest strength of females is their tendency to be nurturing and caring. I cannot recall how many times I have been able to talk something out with a female as opposed to a male because there are certain things that guys are “not supposed to say” so they cannot talk amongst each other about them. The greatest weakness of the opposite sex is their tendency to “read too much into things.” They typically think more emotionally so they overanalyze things and put ideas in their head which have no actual basis.(6468)

5.) I believe one of the major strengths the opposite sex has is in regards to their ability to communicate with one another. Their ability to confide in members of the same sex is unparallelled when compared to men. That being mentioned, women are quick to withhold feelings and thoughts when a confrontation occurs, which tends to lead to passive aggressive actions. (7098)

5) Focusing on characteristics that differentiate the genders, I would say that the female’s greatest strengths include communication, compassion, morally driven, whereas the relative weakness would be physical factors, for instance muscular strength, and being equally emotionally driven. (4816)

5. Strengths: women are allowed to be vulnerable, women mature faster than men, women seem more emotionally varied yet more balanced at the same time, women are more caring and better than other men at handling emotional problems, the human female figure is also an evolutionary work of art and should be often and politely appreciated. Weaknesses: physically, men have greater muscle percentage than women; woman-to-woman aggression runs deeper than male-to-male aggression simply because women tend to use words more frequently and men tend to use violence more frequently; although certainly more in touch with their feelings than men, women seem more volatile; women seem more likely to trade personal freedom for security. 4168

5) Strengths include compassion, cleanliness, and always being organized. While their main weakness is their emotional instability. (5899)

5. I think their biggest strength and weakness is one in the same: being strongly in tune with their emotions. This can be a strength or a weakness depending on context. It is a strength in times of communication. I think women are much better at communication and expressing themselves than men. But in times of emergency, I think emotions take over and cause a the person think irrationally. (9995)

#6. Can you think of any instances in which you have personally been treated unfairly by the opposite sex? If so, give a brief description of what happened.

6. During my summer internship, my girlfriend was convinced that I was constantly flirting with other female interns. One time, I mentioned the accomplishments of one particular intern and foolishly mentioned that I thought they were rather admirable. I had only brought this up because I specifically wanted to share my internship with my girlfriend. However, a few days later, we ended up having a fight about my comment. She accused me of admiring another girl while not admiring her enough. It was useless to explain to her that my intentions in mentioning the other intern, was to comiserate and joke a bit with each other about how unaccomplished we were in our careers. I felt that she was jumping to conclusions and not thinking very logically. (0645) 6. I once briefly dated a girl who broke up with me because she thought I was immature and rude. She came to this assessment from things I said/jokes I made which she interpreted as inappropriate and/or crude. I knew this girl for a very short period of time and felt as though I was judged too quickly because she was a very hypersensitive girl. (5626)

6. For a friends birthday we were having a party and my female friends took it upon themselves to plan it all take care of food and cake and stuff and told me just go get the alcohol. There was no discussion or even asking if I wanted to do something else they just gave me the easy thing they though I wouldn’t mess up despite it being for my closest friend. (6163)

6. I’ve been dumped for not doing anything wrong. She left for an older guy who was an asshole. After a couple years she apologized and admitted I wasn’t in fault and that she just had an urge to date a different type of guy and that it was a mistake. It seems like girls don’t know what they want until later in life. She was burned out on the asshole guys and wanted to start dating again. (4073) 6.I do feel unfairly treated by my girlfriend sometimes. If I do something hasty or rude, she gives me a lot of slack for it. However, if she conducts a similar behavior, I am very easygoing and do not become offended. I feel that it is much easier for my girlfriend to become offended by me than it is for me to become offended by her. This is involved in having strong emotions and feeling threatened with the most insignificant hint of insult. I hope that my behavior will be a model for her, yet she still tends to get easily offended. (5130)

The other night I was at a bar at offered to buy a girl a drink. I tried to talk to her but it was clear she was not interested and took the drink and left. I was not really upset but a little surprised that she would act that way. (6468)

6.) There was an instance in which a member of the opposite sex believed I had treated them unfairly in regards to a relationship. I had been extremely vocal about my (rather low) expectations in said instance, but nonetheless a conflict occurred. This member of the opposite sex was unhappy with my stance, and in turn told many of her friends hateful and untrue things- essentially tarnishing my reputation. (7098)

6) Females have come to expect, rather than appreciate, what used to be called “good deeds.” Now these deeds have become unpaid 2nd and 3rd jobs for men around the world. You know what I am talking about- running around the street fetching her dropped books and notes in the wind or trying to fit her oversize luggage in the overhead bin while the small dog is yapping in your face. What is even worse is when you ask to assist a female, she says no thanks, and a minute later, you are criticized for letting a female carry her own ridiculously sized pink designer purse. (4816)

6. I started spending lots of time with this one girl last spring. What started as a hookup grew into (what seemed) like the beginning of a relationship. After half a semester of getting to know one another better, I was asked about the future and for a label of what we were. I interpreted this as a sign to prove to her how much she meant and that I ready to commit somewhere down the road, but summer was a precarious obstacle to overcome. We talked everyday leading up to her visit in July, where I did everything I could possibly think of to treat her like the queen she is. She left without saying goodbye and we haven’t spoken in person since. 4168

6) Rarely do I find myself in situations where I have ever truly hated a girl but there have been those few situations that stick in my mind. A time when I felt as though I thought I was being treated unfairly by a girl ­was once when a girl assumed I was going to be overly a gentleman and let her cut me in line when I had been waiting for ages to get to the front. That is the one time I wanted to ever call a girl a “bitch”. (5899)

6. An instance in which I was treated unfairly by the opposite sex was when I was at a club. I think because people have preconceived scripts of how strangers will in a certain atmosphere such as a club, they make assumptions and generalize. In other words, at clubs, women often associate strangers as creepers because of past experiences, stories they have heard, etc. Because these expectations are made, many times people will create a scenario for that expectation to actually manifest itself. (9995)

#7. Can you think of any instances in which you have been treated particularly well by the opposite sex, simply because of your (or their) gender? If so, give a brief description of what happened.

7. I was sitting on a couch at a VIP booth in a night club at Las Vegas. Two girls came up to me and grabbed me off the couch and starting dancing with me. One of them started making out with me because she thought I was a hot guy. (7753)

7. Whenever I am having a bad day, or seemed stress, my girlfriend is always there to support me. Whether it's a hug or a back massage or just sitting me down and asking me to tell her what's wrong, she is always being the perfect supporter and personal cheerleader for me. While I can find support from male friends, she can give me comfort in a way that no one else can. (0645) 7. I can’t think of any instances in which I was treated better for being male (at least not overtly or even recognizably). (5626)

7. At work once a female co-worker assisted me in unloading the weekly delivery of boxes of paper instead of assuming I would do it just because I was the male. Having someone assume a task is yours simply because of your gender gets old after awhile and it’s a nice change when a woman expects equality but also grants equality. (6163)

7. I can think of many instances were I’ve been treated nicely by the opposite sex just because of my gender. Its usually for lifting things or fixing things. (4073)

7.There have been many instances in which I felt treated well due to my gender. Many instances have been instances of flirting. I could hint that the woman was being nice and warm so that I would be too. However, I like it when women first get to know you for who you basically are, and THEN flirt with you. However, in those instances, I felt as if the women did not know me whatsoever. Doing so would have revealed my habits, dreams, activities, and personality. However, the women were unaware of all this, so I could not take their warmness seriously. Rather than liking me for who I am, I felt they only liked me for my gender. (5130)

Last semester I had to a do a group project for a class and my three group members were all females. They seemed to be much more attentive while I was speaking than previous groups which have had all male group members. (6468)

7.) I was treated exceptionally well because of my gender when I attended a self help group for the drug dependency of a loved one. Because I was one of the only men there, the women were much more accepting and supportive of what I had to said. (7098)

7) I have found that being a 20 year old male is only beneficial when dealing with 3 populations of the world: 1) The same teenage girls who like Justin Bieber, 2) Gay men, and 3) attractive women aged 30-40. (4816)

7) I cannot think of any instance in which I was treated particularly well on the basis of gender. 4168

7) Usually girls would treat me well whenever I treat them to dinner or am the one who is providing them with anything else. Guys are typically supposed to be the ones who pay and take care of girls as part of just our mannerism. (5899)

7. An instance in which I was treated particularly well was when I was needed to help with some type of physical labor. A couple of my best girl friends will always give me a hard time, a tough love type of friendship. But when they want help moving something heavy or to kill a bug, they are always extremely sweet and nice. It’s always so obvious, but so common in so many different girl-guy friendships. (9995)

#8. Describe an instance, or instances, when you have been rejected by someone of the opposite sex to whom you were attracted. How did they reject you? Was their behavior inconsiderate, rude or insensitive? How did it make you feel? How might they have done it in a more considerate way?

8. In one instance of rejection, my 8th grade girlfriend broke up with me when I called her to plan a date. Although she was not particularly rude, I was rather hurt that she chose to do it when I had called her. However, she did not seem spiteful, but more matter-of-fact about it and a bit apologetic. I suppose in the long-run it was good of her to just be honest, instead of waiting for our date to break the news to me, but at the same time, she could have been more proactive with contacting me about the issue, rather than waiting for me to walk into it. (0645)

8. There have been several instances when I asked girls if they wanted to hang out or go out sometime and received a reply that they are interested. However when I called them, they did not answer their phone call or call me back. This is exactly the kind of passive-aggressive thing that is really insulting. There are plenty of gentle and/or deceptive ways to reject someone without doing it in such an uncaring way. (5626) 

8. I was rejected when I approached a girl in high school to go out sometime and she was really rude about it just blowing me off and acting as though I had wasted her precious time just by asking. It pissed me off and she ended up apologizing later on for how she behaved and explained she had just broken up with her boyfriend and she was with all her friends when I asked but after this I probably went about things the wrong way by telling her it was ok I know why her boyfriend broke up with her and thanked her from saving me my time. She could have done it in a better way by saying she wasn’t ready to start going out with anyone yet but maybe we could hang out at a party sometime or something. (6163)

8. There have been times where I’ve been rejected respectfully and there have been times where I’ve been rejected in a rude manner. The respectful way was able to salvage something and have a great friendship. The disrespectful way lead to no friendship at all. The respectful way was just being upfront about not being interested. (4073)

8.My rejection by the opposite sex has seemed rude in the past, but now looking back, was not rude whatsoever. It was not rude because I came off too strongly every time. I was very direct, and not very patient in asking them out. Rather than letting them come to me, I tried to come onto them as quickly as possible. Their reactions made me feel pretty blue, but I should have expected that kind of response from my behavior. My behavior made them uneasy, making them reject me as directly as I approached them. (5130)

I have talked to girls before in person who says they want to get together but then when the time actually comes and the call/text is sent, the reply is never positive. This behavior is very frustrating. These mixed messages can be very confusing to guys, most of whom have a hard time interpreting signals to begin with. (6468)

8.) The most recent instance when I was rejected was actually not rather uneventful. Rejection from the opposite sex does not generally hurt my self esteem, and this instance was not much different. I was spending time with a particular girl who seemed interested in me as well, but rather unexpectedly changed her mind after a bit. She wasn't rude or insensitive by any means, but rather more aloof than anything. I tend to think this is the most common route women take when they are uninterested. (7098)

8) I was rejected by a girl my freshman year of college. She straight up told me that dating would have been weird because of mutual friends and past experiences. I knew it was just a polite way to turn someone down, and I respect that, because I do it too. We actually ended up in a short relationship a couple months later and it turned out she rejected me because one of her friends liked me at the time. The breakup wasn’t as nice of story.

8) Case and point is the story from #6. The girl before her however actually used words and was quite gentle in the way she turned me down. She and I were good friends and after telling her that I was in fact attracted to her as something more, she told me politely that she simply didn’t share those same feelings with me. No offence was taken; we remain friends to this day. 4168

8) First memory that comes to mind was a time in middle school. I remember it was the most confusing rejection ever. It all started a week before I had asked her to go out one night. Throughout the whole week I had rock solid evidence that she was into me. So it took me till about the week after for me to whip up the courage to ask her out on a date. I remember I heard she was walking towards lunch at the cafeteria so I attempted to catch up to her. When I did I remember no matter where I asked her it would be in front a group of people due to the business of lunchtime. So I just went balls to the wall and stopped her the second I saw her. The words slipped out of my mouth as I began to immediately see a sympathetic face on her, and I knew what was coming. She shook her head no and began explaining how it would be best if we would just be friends. She turned around and flipped her hair. I stood there in awe and to this day this has been one of the most crystal clear and confusing memory I have with a girl. (5899)

8. In high school, dances were a big deal. It was always a nerve wrecking act to ask a girl to dance. Being rejected by just any girl usually did not affect me so much, but when a particular girl you’re interested in rejects you, it’s a whole different story. When I asked this girl I had a crush and was rejected, I felt like my stomach dropped and I just had no self confidence the rest of the night. I did not even feel like being at the dance anymore. I just wanted to get as far away as possible. They simply said no, and they probably could not have done it any nicer without being weird, but to me, a rejection was a rejection. (9995)

Imagine that you have known someone of the opposite sex for about a month. You have dated this person several times, but so far there hasn't been any kind of physical intimacy (holding hands, kissing, etc.) between the two of you. Now, you are out on a date with this person again.

How would you try to influence this person in each of the following circumstances:

#9. Situation 1: The date has been going very well and you feel very physically attracted to this person. How would you influence this person to become physically intimate, and to go as far sexually as you wanted to go?

9. I would probably find excuses to have physical contact with the girl, such as putting my arm around her shoulder, or holding her hand, etc. Her responsiveness to this would help me gauge how interested she is physically. Also, I might try to direct the conversation towards a more sexual topic, possibly with light jokes about sex. (0645)

9. Go out to dinner then to a movie and get close and make some kind of physical contact during the movie (e.g. hold hands, arm around her, hand on her leg, etc.) Upon leaving the movie theatre walk to the car, open the door for her but before she gets in kiss her and see where the night goes from there. (6163)

9. I would probably try to sit close and then read her body language. I’d start by either putting my arm around here or holding her hand. If she responds positively then I’d contemplate taking it further. I would let her dictate how far she would want it to go. (4073) 9. If my intuition and senses tell me that the vibe is right, I would just wait for the right moment and go for a kiss. If this worked, I would simply take it a step further, and then a step further, until I was given some indication that I was overstepping the boundary. (5626)

9.I would keep making eye contact with the person and making them feel comfortable. I would respect their boundaries yet push them a little bit. For example, I would throw in hints of apparent attraction when they would be feeling warm and good. To make this person go as far sexually as possible, I would be very direct near the end of the date, asking if she would want to come over to my place. This move would be made if she was feeling exceptionally attracted and interested. I would take things from my place. (5130)

I would start with something simple like placing an arm of the shoulder. From there, I would see how she reacts and act in accordance with her response. (6468)

9.) As a male, I feel that it is up to me to make physical intimacy occur. I (always) first gauge body language and evaluate how well the date has been going before i'd determine to move in (physically). That being said, I would try to engage in something not too intimate or uncomfortable to test if physical intimacy is appropriate (for example touching on the arm or hand). Based on this reaction I would then determine if I would lean in to kiss them. From that point forward it's based on their reaction as to how much intimacy progresses. (7098)

9) It is easy for me to sense if a girl is attracted to me, especially if it were after a month of dates. By that time, it should be completely clear to both sides if they want to move to an intimate side or not. If I sense she is “down,” I just casually mention something like “So about that first date kiss…” or any other lame but surprisingly efficient, modern pick up lines. If I am unsure if she is attracted to me or feeling a no-go, I will invite her to an after party. If she denies, then there is no interest, but if she does go to the after party, then you have to go even more all out demonstrate why I am the best guy at the party, besides the obvious good looks and BP skill. (4816)

9) First and foremost, I never stop being myself. The process starts by making lots of eye contact and smiling. Handholding is usually not something I ask permission for but it’s still polite nonetheless. If she’s comfortable enough to dance up against you, subtle, physical manifestations of intimacy become relatively easy to suggest. Getting a kiss takes incredible timing and a little bit of mind reading; one has to be able to pick up on the subtle cues from her facial expressions, but when in doubt, it also never hurts to ask. Although most guys would agree that a girl who hasn’t even kissed you by the end of this many dates is probably never going to. Getting a girl into bed in this context is not something to be rushed. It’s best to be patient, make her feel comfortable with you, suggest it, and respect whatever she replies with. 4168

9) First of all I would woo the girl with my silly and comedic side at dinner. Then I would try to get dinner over with as quickly as possible and ask her if she would like to see a movie back at my place. Usually I wouldn’t take two months to make things happen, but in this situation if I have been waiting this long if I think the date would have been going that well I might as well just go for it. Once we would be outside I would hold her hand. When back at my place I would try and cuddle during the movie, and then continue to go for the kiss. If two people are dating and have to wait 2 months to do anything then something’s wrong, unless there is some religious excuse. (5899)

9. I believe as the guy, I would need to take initiative. I would think to myself, this girl must like me to keep going on dates with me. If she was not interested, then she would have stopped coming. I would like to believe I would be able to get the vibe or not. And as the guy, I think it would be my responsibility to test the waters and make the first move. If the actions are not reciprocated, then I would retract back, but you wouldn’t know any other way. Asking would probably be too awkward and kill the mood if anything were to happen. (9995)

#10. Situation 2: The date has been going well, but you do not feel particularly physically attracted by this person. However, you can tell that this person is really turned on by you. Still, you know you're not interested in physical intimacy, and/or the subsequent involvement or commitment that might follow. How would you influence this person to avoid becoming sexual?

10. I would be sure to keep my interaction with her kind and interested, but not overly engaging or intimate. In other words, I would do my best not to give her a false green light to be come physical with me. I would keep the conversation away from sex, romance, or intimacy at all costs, and I would avoid any unneccesary physical contact. If contact did occur or she made a move on me, I would find a polite way to excuse myself, or simply be honest with her that I am not physically interested if I cannot get out of the situation with another reason. (0645) 10. I would be friendly but keep my distance spatially and not engage in intimate dialogue. Being a male, this situation would be much easier for me to deal with because the male is always expected to make the first move. (5626)

10. Start acting like you were hanging out with an old friend making dumb jokes and treating her like one of the guys. Worse comes to worse bring up problems about another girl and throw out the whole “it’s nice to have a FRIEND to talk to” line. (6163)

10. I would talk about things very blatantly to insure she doesn’t make the move. I would mention maybe someone else I’m seeing even if I’m not seeing anyone. (4073)

10.I would reverse my response in question nine. Rather than making eye contact, I would avoid it and act distant from the person. It would be important to remain civil, however, I would not express interest in her. The conversation would keep going but it would likely be awkward at some points, in which my female counterpart would be waiting for a flirtatious response. The night would end with me giving her a hug, but nothing more. (5130)

I would try to go out somewhere. If the time the two people spend alone is limited by the presence of other people the chance is far less likely that things will get physical. There is no reason we could not hang out and have fun without things going too far. (6468)

10.) I would tell this member of the opposite sex exactly what this question states; that I'm not interested in physical intimacy, rather friendship. I have found that being clear from the beginning usually enables the avoidance of uncomfortable situations like this. (7098)

10) I would avoid sex differently depending completely on each girl (how we met, mutual friends, are we friends, etc). If it were someone I met randomly, I would lie about having something important that night or next morning, and ignore the subsequent calls and texts the following week. If it were someone I know through a friend or work, I would do the gentlemanly, time consuming, and complicated technique of ending things with a girl.

10) Honesty and empathy are the only ways to go. If it will never happen with that person (whether it be hooking up or a relationship) then it is your obligation to make them aware. However, a real man is sensitive towards the feelings of the other party, and so he tells her with compassion, respect, and leaves open the possibility of friendship. 4168

10) In these kinds of situations where I try to avoid a girl I would typically act almost fake to make things appear as if they are going fine. Then once check comes I would give the “friends” speech in which I would explain things really would be better if we were friends and I wouldn’t want to mess that up. (5899)

10. I knew had a feeling that this was absolutely not right and I had no feelings, I would not try to influence the situation subtly. I think I would be straight up and say how I really felt. I know how much it would hurt to be led on and I would not want to be that person who does that. I would hope the other person would give me the same treatment if it was the other way around. (9995)


For each of the following sentence fragments, complete the sentence, and, if you wish, add a few more sentences to complete your thought. Do not include the sentence stem in your response--only your answer to it.

#11. In general, it seems that the opposite sex has a tendency to become "insanely" jealous when...

11. …they recognize another woman’s attraction towards someone they like. (7753)

11. they feel ignored (0645) 11. Their significant other gets too close emotionally with another girl. (5626)

11. a guy is friends with a girl she doesn’t get along with or has bad history with. (6163)

11. You make friends who are girls. (4073)

11.you have other companions of the opposite sex. Even if these women are simply friends with no attraction, the opposite sex becomes insanely jealous. You usually have to stop talking to your female friends once you have a girlfriend. You stay in contact with them, but not nearly as much as guy friends. (5130)

they see another female interested in me. (6468)

11.) when I notice another girl. (7098)

11) you notice the amount of beauty that God has put on this earth. I am a believer in “you can look, but don’t touch.” (4816)

11) …they perceive our interactions with other girls as flirting or believe we spend too much time with our guy friends. 4168

11) They catch me talking to any other girl or see me inviting more girls to a party. (5899) 11. a guy goes to a party with girls. (9995)

#12. When it comes to initiating sexuality for the first time, the opposite sex...

12. …is either immediately into it or goes with the flow after a little coaxing and persistence. (7753)

12. can be insanely stubborn about waiting for men to make the first move, or surprisingly aggressive at taking the reins. (0645) 12. Doesn’t do it. (5626)

12.gives mixed signs a lot of times and expects a guy to make the right move. (6163)

12. Rarely does it. (4073)

12.usually does not take the initiative. I have met one girl who did, but she was upset because I did not. She taught me that a guy had to be aggressive with a girl. I learned that lesson well and understood that taking the initiative attracts females. (5130)

expects the guy to know what to do perfectly. (6468)

12.) wants security. (7098)

1. I12) is generally more passive, but females at LMU can act surprisingly aggressive to the point of reputation and nicknames being coined. (4816)

12) 12. …should make her wants and needs clearly defined. 4168

12) Usually are reserved and scared to make the first move. (5899)12. could potentially be equally as aggressive in this day and age. (9995)

#13. The opposite sex seems clueless about...

13. spotting gay men (0645)

13.When a guy wants to be left alone he really doesn’t want to be around people, he isn’t using code talk like a female. (6163)

13. The motivation behind a male’s behavior in different situations and contexts. (5626)

13) The difference between a joke and reality. Just because I laughed at a blonde joke does not mean I think my blonde girlfriend is stupid or that I am actually more into brunettes; I laughed at the joke because it was funny. (4816)

13. Being direct with people. (4073)

13.the emotional aspects that go on in a guy’s world. Even though guys do not express their inner thoughts and feelings, these feelings are truly present and hidden. They need to be respected and understood from a girl’s perspective. (5130)

my reasoning even though they often think they understand it. (6468)

13.) men's personal space. (7098)

13) …what it really takes to be a man and what goes on inside when manhood is questioned. 4168

13) .

Why we just don’t care about things that much. (5899) 13. how annoying it is how long it takes for them to get ready. (9995)

#14. Being romantic is something that the opposite sex...

14. …acts as if it is important. (7753)

14. was born to do. (0645) 14. Very good at facilitating. (5626)

14.Emphasizes to much. (6163)

14. Loves to do (4073)

14.is very good at. I feel inefficient in romance, at least compared to the opposite sex. They get very creative with romance and love their night in shining armor. Guys, on the other hand, are not nearly as romantic as women are. Guys tend to be less creative and boring in their expression of feelings. (5130)

values very highly. (6468)

14.) knows more about then men. (7098)

14) Deeply values and something that I realize I must improve upon. (4816)

14) …values highly but only when it conforms to their standards and fantasies. 4168

14) Wishes we would be more often, and something they fall for hence why they love “chick flicks” so much. (5899) 14. cares about more. Guys do care about romantic usually only to please the girl more so than for themselves. (9995)

#15. Sometimes it seems that the opposite sex puts their boyfriend/girlfriend through a series of relationship "tests" by...

15. …making them choose between them or their friends. (7753)

15. picking fights, mentioning taboo subjects and watching our reactions, taking us to meet the parents, asking us what we think about children, pretending they are pregnant, leaving a room messy or trash out to see if we'll clean it up... (0645) 15. Going out with them for awhile before allowing them any sexual access. (5626)

15. Expecting to be number one priority over everything even when they really know its not realistic. (6163)

15. Asking questions and playing games (4073)

15.seeing how they will respond to a certain behavior. I know my girlfriend has done this to me. She has done things that at first seemed unnecessary but were later revealed as a test. She wanted to see if I would pass her test. There have been instances in which I have passed tests and failed others. (5130)

scheduling things at the same time and seeing what I choose to do. (6468)

15.) seeing how the react in situations where they are given freedom to do what they want. (7098)

15) Begging for attention, starting drama, saying things to their friends, sharing secrets, going through your phone, making a big deal out of nothing… 2.

15) …not speaking to them or withholding sex to see if they’ll change. 4168 15) Messing with us psychologically. Girls always put a guy through the emotional test by always seeing if the guy will comfort the girl whenever something is wrong. (5899)

15. saying one thing, but expecting them to know what they really want that was untold. In other words, sometimes girls expect the guy to almost read their mind. (9995)

#16. The opposite sex seems to support equality for the sexes except when it comes to...

16. …chivalry such as expecting men to pay for dinner and give them the whole princess treatment. (7753)

16. asking men out on dates, being treated to food/outings constantly. (0645) 16. Initiating interest, making sexual advances, paying for them, and traditional courtesies. (5626)

16.Chivalry. (6163)

16. Paying the bill or making the move. (4073)

16.their differences. The sexes admit they are different from each other, yet expect equality down to the bare bone. Does equality mean women fighting in the wars? Does it mean women participating in physically violent sports? Hopefully not, yet some people believe they need to be equal in all aspects. (5130)

dating rules. (6468)

16.) physical exertion. (7098)

16) Anything that benefits being a woman (4816)

16) …making the first move. 4168

16) Sports. (5899)

16. paying for dates and meals. (9995)

#17. Possessiveness is something that the opposite sex...

17. …can not over or even fake. (7753)

17. can get a little too intense about sometimes. (0645) 17. Usually doesn’t portray. (5626)

17. Shows in relationships. (6163)

17. Sometimes has, depending on the person. (4073) 17.definitely experiences, even though guys experience it as well. Possessiveness is very annoying in that the partners feel overwhelmed by love and anxiety. The anxiety results from a fear of the partner leaving them. I believe both sexes experience possessiveness equally. (5130)

experiences though it has a different effect on females than it does on men. (6468)

17.) does not understand. (7098)

17) Should tone down on. If I am in a relationship, I am choosing to want to be with you, but at the same time, everyone needs space and time to succeed individually in life.

17) …demonstrates just as much as my gender but to varying degrees on the individual level. 4168

17) .

Usually hates when the guy does and it guys hate it when the girl does it. Being clingy is just trouble. (5899)

17. overdoes in relationships when they are insecure. (9995)

#18. When it comes to physical attractiveness, the opposite sex...

18. is objectively way more asthetically pleasing to the eye than men are. (0645)

18. Has a huge advantage over males and wields it accordingly. (5626)

18. Holds it important for themselves to look good but when a guy wants a girl to look good she thinks he’s being shallow (6163)

18. Superior (4073)

18.is very attractive. Since our society stresses beauty in women, many of them shape themselves to be beautiful. Guys, however, do not have that same pressure and therefore do not take their appearance as seriously. This results in more boring and plain looking guys than girls. (5130)

wins. (6468)

18.) tends to take other factors into account (income, status, etc...). (7098)

18) Is just as judgmental/superficial. In fact, men get all the flak about preferring physical attraction too much, but women themselves fuel this by the way they present themselves.

18) …is a work of art to be cherished, appreciated, respected, and complimented. 4168

18) Can use it to their advantage while not so much for guys. (5899)

18. uses a lot of product and time to look good. (9995)

#19. Money and status is are things that the opposite sex...

19. react differently to. Some women are validated by their ability to buy things and influence others. Some are extremely down-to-earth. (0645) 19. Are much more important to than men. (5626)

19.Want in their future. (6163)

19. Are attracted to (4073)

19.admire greatly. I can tell because women are always turned off from me when I do not have money. When they hear that I live with my parents, or that I do not have money to go out, you can tell they feel awkward. It makes them overall less interested. (5130)

plan for in relationships. (6468)

19.) considers when thinking about entering a relationships. (7098)

19) is stereotyped as wanting more than men, but I think it is more equal than most people believe. (4816)

19) …value highly in relationships and marriages. 4168

19) Stereotypically love because it adds more incentive. It helps when the girl knows they will be financially supported and won’t have to work a job. (5899) 19. look for in a potential significant other. (9995)

#20. It hurts me most when the opposite sex...

shows insecurities (9701)

20. …acts towards me in a negative way because of prior experiences with guys that treated them poorly or because of untrue assumptions that they have about me. (7753)

20. Is hypocritical about what they think about me. (0645)

20.Doesn’t trust me to be honest. 20. Doesn’t give me a chance to prove my affection before rejecting me. (5626)

20.Disrespect themselves by being promiscuous. (4073)

20.hurt themselves indirectly. Women sometimes seem self-destructive in that they make wrong choices in relationships and friends. A lot of them are wise, however, and establish healthy relationships that do not involve hurt or abuse. (5130)

acts as though their actions have no emotional effect on men. (6468)

20.) labels me with a stereotype for a particular actions. (7098)

20) cries/feels helpless

20) …prejudges and does not give my genuineness and caring nature the time of day. 4168

20) Give way too much sass, or attitude, it’s annoying to deal with. (5899) 10. goes for the wrong people such as tools and overlook the nice guys. (9995)

#21. I feel best about the opposite sex when...

21. …I find out that they are really into me or that our attraction is mutual. (7753)

21. They use their charm and talent for care and consideration. (0645) 21. They behave in a way that is respectful and genuine. (5626)

21. They go out of their way to support something that I am taking part in. (6163)

21.Do things that I cannot. (4073)

21.they prove themselves to be very independent. Even though society views women as dependent, I believe they have the capacity to be very independent, even more so than guys. (5130)

when they make an effort to be involved in my interests. (6468)

21.) socially constructed stereotypes are dropped, and we can both be who we are. (7098)

22) Smiles and laugh

21) …we’re in each other’s company and we’re learning and having fun. 4168.

21) They’re always down to party. (5899) 21. the one and only one you want reciprocates feelings back for you. (9995)