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Psyc Assessment -- Dr. Mills

Instructions to add your panel summary/outline:

Log into Wikispaces, click the Edit button, then click the Floating Toolbar button. Add the reference for your article (use the format below).

Summary of Meyers (2002). The Powers and Perils of Intuition. Psychology Today Vol. 35 Issue 6. Summary by Angelica Delgado, Ian Swartz, and Kelli Swett. Spring, 2007.

Highlight the word Summary in your reference, and then click on the link icon on the editing toolbar. In the box with the name "Summary" add your name and the semester (e.g., "Summary-Smith-Fall07"). Click Ok.

The word Summary should then be highlighted. Click "Save" on the floating toolbar.

Then click on the highlighted word Summary in the reference you just added. You will be taken to a new page. Click on Edit and then click Floating Toolbar. Copy and paste your summary, outline, critical review, and test questions. Once you have done that, click on Save.

Class panel article/chapter summaries and outlines / and guest speaker notes from Spring, 2007

Summary of; Mattson, R.E., Paldino, D. & Johnson, M.D. (2007). The increased construct validity and clinical utility of assessing relationship quality using separate positive and negative dimensions. Psychological Assessment,19(1), 146-151 Summary by :Jackie Galvez Spring 2007

Summary of Lounsbury, J.W. et al. (2003). Intelligence, “Big Five” personality traits and work drive as predictors of course grade. Personality and Individual Differences, 35, 1231-1239. Summary by Whitney Sholl, Spring 2007

Summary: Jepsen, D. & Sheu, H.B. (2003) General Job Satisfaction From a Developmental Perspective: Exploring Choice-Job Matches at Two Career Stages. The Career Development Quarterly, 52, 162-179. Summary by Dan Mezzera, Sping 07

From Fall, 2006

Class panel article/chapter summaries and outlines / and guest speaker notes

Add here at the top:

Summary and Outline Presentation of Ardila, A. (2005). Cultural values underlying psychometric cognitive testing. Neuropsychological Review, 15(4), 185-195. Review by: Kelly Asato, Amanda Luciano, Felicia Moghadam, and Maritza Wilson (Fall 2006)

Guest Speaker Notes from 16 November 2006. Sandra from LMU SPS. Efrem Bryant, Jeanette Cano, Christine Fitzgerald, Megan Molinski, Corrina Morales, Chanté Parsons

Summary and Outline of Doss, Brian, D. & Christensen, A. (2006). Acceptance in Romantic Relationships: The Frequency and Acceptability Partner Behavior Inventory, 18, 289-302. Review by: Stephanie Talley, Jennifer Gonzales, Christine Fitzgerald, and Jeni Buckentine. Fall 2006


Summary of Ones, Deniz S., Viswesvaran, Chockalingam, Reiss, A. D. (1996) Role of Social Desirability in Personality Testing for Personnel Selection : The Red Herring, Vol. 81(6). Review by Jeanette Cano, Lucie-Ann Chen, Corinna Morales, and Chante Parsons. Fall 2006.

Psychometric Testing & I/O Psych Panel Presentation Outline Guest Speaker: Dustin Reece Panel Members: Amanda Luciano, Lucie-Ann Chen, Jeni Buckentine, Sandra Nunez, & Kelly Asato