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Psyc 100 -- General Psychology, Dr. Mills



OPTION 1. Find an article related to our topic for this week (the evolution or biology of sex differences), and post a summary below (see instructions).

OPTION 2. Ask a question about a puzzling behavior that you think is characteristic of the opposite sex (not just someone you have known), or, try to answer someone else's question that has been posted.


OPTION 1: Find an article or web page that is both educational and would likely be of interest to your classmates, and related to our topic for this week (the evolution or biology of sex differences),

Keep this web browser window open (but don't login or click the "Edit" button yet). Also open a window with your word processing software on your computer (e.g., Word for Windows). Write your blog post using your own computer word processor. When you are finished, log in to Wikispaces (above). click "Edit," and click "Floating Toolbar" above.

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Create a title for your post, and include the web link (make it an active link by clicking the link icon above). Bold the title of your post.

Here is a sample blog post:

Finger length correlated to bullying. I found this article, Science fingers natural bullies, published by The Sunday Times, Britain. It reports on research that suggests that "Childen whose ring fingers are much longer than their index fingers are more likely to be hyperactive and bullying," and relates this to prenatal testosterone level. I found the article very interesting -- that you could learn something about someone's (likely) personality simply by looking at their finger length. But, I then wondered why finger length would be influenced by prenatal testosterone levels... (more discussion...). -- Student ID: 4872, 9/14/2006

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In addition, if you wish, you can also discuss and respond to the posts of others.

Keep a copy of all of your posts to one file on your home computer. Turn in a printout of your post to me at the next class session.

We will discuss the posts in class.


Keep this web browser window open (but don't login or click the "Edit" button yet). Also open a window with your word processing software on your computer (e.g., Word for Windows). Write your blog post using your own computer word processor. When you are finished, log in to Wikispaces (above). click "Edit," and click "Floating Toolbar" above.

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Think about the previous interactions you have had with the opposite sex. Has a situation ever occurred with someone of opposite sex that you found deeply puzzling and/or incomprehensible? And which you also think is somehow a function of that person's gender (not just the specific individual involved)? If so, think about what happened, and the behaviors, cognitions, motivations, or emotions of the opposite sex that you found particularly puzzling. You may also respond to the posts of others.

Be sure to add the last 4 digits of your student ID. Add the date as well.

//Very important: after you write your post (or copy and paste it here) click on the "Save" button, or your post will be lost.//

Keep a copy of all of your posts to one file on your home computer. Turn in a printout of your post to me at the next class session.

We will discuss the posts in class.

Enter blog posts below:

Why are women so neat? Why are women compared to men cleaner? Hygiene or even on average how clean there rooms or houses are, why are women always cleaner and neater than men? Student ID: 4824 4/24/07

This is a response to the question 'Why are most men so insensitive?' : It’s not so much that men are insensitive but more so that women wont just come out and tell us what is going on. When we ask them ‘what’s wrong’ or ‘why they are upset’, they insist on telling us that they are fine and nothing is wrong. Even though we know that something is obviously wrong the women expect us to figure out what is going on in their life and we clearly have no idea what it is they are upset about. So we don’t want to sit there and try and figure out what’s wrong. So if you want to get your man more ‘sensitive’ to your feelings and your life then just tell him what’s wrong and why you are so upset. I’m sure that he will sit and talk to you as long as you tell him the situation. Men don’t want to play 21 questions to figure out why you won’t talk to him. So when your man asks you ‘what’s wrong’ or ‘why you are crying’, simply tell him what’s going on and he will be more than happy to just sit and talk to you about it, rather than trying to figure it out based on whether you shake your head ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Student ID# 0656

Gender and Attitude Differences of College Students Toward Contraceptives I found this article, attitudes of college students toward contraceptives: a consideration of gender differences ([|], published by The College Student Journal. In summary, it describes how men and women in college hold different views on sex. In contrast to women, men are more inclined to engage in casual sex involving little commitment. The study shows that both women and men agree that contraceptive devices should be available on campus. It also shows that women are less comfortable bringing up the subject of condom use with a potential partner. However, it also shows that men and women tend to be embarrassed to buy condoms. It offers a resolution, explaining that society needs to promote a more favorable opinion on the use of contraceptives. Student ID: 9022

Sex Differences related to Hormones. I found this article Two Sexes Divided By a Single Brain by Deirdre Fernand published by The Sunday Times, Britain. “Men and women really do think differently, and the latest technology reveals why, says neuropsychiatrist Louann Brizendine and Deirdre Fernand investigates the matter.” Dr. Louann Brizendine is the author of a new book about gender differences and according to her, “It’s just the beginning of a mutual, lifelong incomprehension that never quite disappears.” Hormones are Brizendine’s main focus and she believes that the results of behavior differences are due to different “wiring” that has evolved in our brains for millions and millions of years. She does not discount the idea of nature and nurture working together but believes that the difference in chemistry is imperative to our understanding gender differences. Among other examples the most obvious talked about is testosterone in the male fetus and how it will shrink the brain’s communication centre, reduce the hearing cortex and make the part of the brain that processes sex twice as large as that of the female. To look from a feminist perspective, “she points out that men and women share 99% of their DNA.” She understands that the male and female brain are more similar than different but that the differences always seem to stick out more in our studies than the similarities. “Much of the science she cites is well known. But the advent of brain-imaging technology such as PET (positron emission tom-ography) and fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging), which allows us to see inside the brain in real time while we cry, laugh, express love and retrieve memories, has made analysis of brain function increasingly sophisticated.” She has been in charge of the Women’s Mood and Hormone Clinic at the University of California, San Francisco which is the only of its kind in America. Just starting last week a testosterone patch to treat women with low libido became available in Britain. --Student ID: 9308, 4/2/07

Why do women bring about more drama than men? Why do girls often bring about much more drama than guys? I've had many female friends say that they often prefer hanging out with guys because it just creates less drama and stress. Student ID: 4777 04/02/07

Why do women overanalyze? I was talking to my female friend who just had a conversation with her boyfriend. It seems that she called him and he couldn’t talk (he was busy). She turned to me and asked me, “do you still think he likes me?”, “did I do something wrong?”, “maybe he’s bored with me?”. She seems to have taken everything personal, ignoring the fact that he was busy. So why do women overanalyze? Student ID:4170 04/02/07

In response to the question posted “Why do women overanalyze?” When reading the situation discussed, it seems like the friend is insecure. She is over analyzing because she is unsure of the relationship and has trust issues. She needed to ask a guy’s opinion as reassurance. Since you are a guy she is taking advantage of that, because in general most men think in the same way. Thus if you answered yes to one of her questions, she would know if her boyfriend was mad. Getting back to the original question why women overanalyze, my best guess since women’s brains have more activity than males, we have more ability to think about every nitty gritty detail. Then if you are wondering why we do not use all that extra activity to do something more productive than worrying, subconsciously women like drama because it is entertaining. I do not personally believe this but I know plenty of girls who feel life is boring if we do not have something juicy to discuss. Student ID: 8776 04/02/07

Why do women have a harder time? Why is it that women are a lot more jealous then men are and have a much harder time trusting men than men do trusting women? Student ID: 2082 Date:04/02/07

[| Splitting The Differences], Tribune Business News, Washington.// This article explains how a biology high school teacher, who teaches her classes with only boys and another class with only girls, is studying how boys and girls differ when learning new material. She describes how she changes her styles and techniques of teaching based on the differences in behavior between girls and boys. The article describes that in many instances, separating classes by gender is beneficial in teaching the students, although there are many organizations which are against the separation. 4824

#431483 I found the article "Sex Differences in the Brain,” published by Scientific American online and thought that it would apply to class. It goes over the differences between men and women in how we solve problems, how aggressive each sex is, and hormonal differences between the two. The studies showed that any differences in behavior were somehow “mediated by the brain,” and that sex hormones influence our human behavior. I thought that it was interesting, hope you do too! Student ID: 5789, 04/01/2007

I also found the article The New Sex Scorecard Published by Psychology Today. It reports the fact that males and females are not only different physically, but also mentally. The article talks about all the differences between females and males based on mental, and emotional characteristics. The article attempts to understand why women are more susceptible to certain things while men are to the other things. An example that the article uses for a difference between female and male genders is that females contain more grey matter in the brain compared to males. Grey matter is made up of nerve cells and connecting dendrites by having more grey matter females are able to have a more “concentrated processing center as well as thought linking capabilities.” This is an example of how females and males genetic make up of the brain actually affects the actions the brain is capable of doing. I really like how it incorporates the general ideas that are talking class including infidelity and women being able to make quick judgements about emotions. The article also talks about how males are more likely to have autism, which could be because females are more developed in the language side of the brain whereas in males it is not as developed. Regarding the previous post of this article, I think the fact that men have more dopamine receptors which instigates motivation and reward. I think this is a great example of why when younger more boys are into playing sports whereas girls play with dolls because they like the interaction factor. ---Student Id- 4613 04/01/07

I found this article Evolution Possible without sex Scientists had argued that asexual reproduction did not contribute to evolution because there was no inter-breeding. However this new research proves otherwise. "Our results show that, over millions of years, natural selection has caused divergence into distinct entities equivalent to the species found in sexual organisms," . "We found evidence that different populations of these creatures have diverged into distinct species, not just because they become isolated in different places, but because of the differing selection pressures in different environments," said lead researcher Dr Tim Barraclough. Bdelloid rotifers, an aquatic species, multiply by producing eggs that are genetically identical to the mother. There are no males in this species. "These really are amazing creatures, whose very existence calls into question scientific understanding, because it is generally thought that asexual creatures die out quickly, but these have been around for millions of years," Dr Barraclough said. Student ID: 9141 , 04/01/2007

I found this article The New Sex Scorecard in Psychology Today. There are several sex differences that have yet to be discovered. Sex differences stem from the moment of conception; a Y chromosome has 25 genes, where as an X chromosome has between 1,000-1,500 genes. Interestingly enough, the Y chromosome has more clout when it comes to development. Testosterone is produced from the Y chromosome, which leads to the development of the brain, its specific wiring, and masculine features throughout the body. Women on the other hand, are less likely to develop mental disorders because of the XX chromosome pair; it creates a backup system in the brain. Men’s Y chromosome makes the brain to grow more dopamine neurons; these neurons are responsible for motivation and reward. Dopamine release describes men’s pleasure of addiction and novelty seeking behaviors. However, dopamine neurons also affect motor skills, and when the neurons fail, it leads to Parkinson’s disease. But it seems that some sex differences are changing. It used to be that the majority of infidelities were committed by men. However men and women are participating in extra-marital affairs at an increasingly similar rate. Males and females certainly differ in their mating psychology; however this idea of a double-standard in cheating is slowly disappearing. Student ID: 7258 Date: 4/01/07

I found the article His Brain, Her Brain that discusses the differences in the female and male brains. I found it interesting that in 1966 the idea was, "A generation of neuroscientists came to maturity believing that "sex differences in the brain" referred primarily to mating behaviors, sex hormones and the hypothalamus." Now, there is new research that is coming to state otherwise. Research that would suggest that patients with various mental disorders first must be considered by their gender before being treated. I find this interesting because to some people, or if this idea was proposed earlier (that men and women should be evaluated differently) it could be found as sexist. Also, the oh so common idea we have of society's learned sex roles was put to the test when a group of monkeys were given different masculine and feminine toys and the male monkeys gravitated towards the masculine toys and vice versa. Since it is hard to teach monkey's societal roles like that, it shows that there might have something in the brain other than what the scientists in the 60's thought. I also found it interesting the study on the reaction to the brain when shown emotional material. (male brain vs female brain). Also how "sex matters" and how you cant make the sexes too equal because they are infact different, even in terms of the brain. I think this is really controversial because of a lot of more severe femenists may find this upsetting. I dont believe that it should upset anyone becuase it is not saying that the female brain is inferior to the male brain, only that it is different. Student ID: 8126, 4/2/07

Why do women think so much about their weddings? When I ponder about the female species I am always left to wonder why they think about their weddings so damn much. Seriously, your marriage is a long way off; there are many more important things to consider right now. It never ceases to amaze me that some girls can tell you details about their wedding like what color the bride’s maid’s dresses will be, but they will be late to a date because they could figure out what they wanted to wear that night!(which isn’t that important either!) 6378 4/2/07

In response to women caring about their weddings.. I would have to say the reason women care about what their wedding is going to be like is because society has made it a big deal to females. In tv shows, music videos, and even the news, weddings are protrayed as wonderous, spectacular things. I guess you could say the equivalent would be winning a Super Bowl, World Series, or the NBA title for the men. I think it is mainly based on what society has made important. When a girl talks about her wedding, just smile and nod and think about winning a championship game and then you might understand her joy. ID: 4613, 4/4/06 Why don't men worry about things? I often wonder why men do not worry about things as much as women and why they always wait till the last second to do things. I often hear women in my classes talking about starting projects days ahead of time while men will stay up all night long to finish the assignment. Another example is when men start household remodeling projects and leave them unfinished for months. ID # 7401 Date: 4-3-07

Why do women hide their emotions? Women lie about how they feel or do not show how they really feel and make the guy figure out how they feel inside, which is impossible since they are not showing any true emotions. 9674 4/3/07

Why do women generally like to gossip and men could care less? A lot of women love to gossip about other women. Many enjoy reading the tabloids and getting the latest gossip on Brittany Spears or who is dating who. Why don’t men care about this? Is this just a product of our society or is this a real genetic difference? 0204- April 3rd

Why do most women become emotionally attached after casual sex? I find that many girls and women that engage in sexual relationships with men casually tend to become emotionally attached as time goes on or even after a one night stand. Why is it that men treat sexual activity with women more casually than women do? ID# 1053 4/2/07

Why do women always think men are so complicated when we tell them we are not that complicated? My girlfriend constantly asks me “what am I thinking?” And when I reply with nothing, she gets upset. But why is nothing such a wrong answer? At the time that she asks me the question I am thinking about nothing. ID# 6516 4/3/07

Why are the majority of men so insensitive? It appears that so many men are insensitive to what the opposite sex is thinking and feeling. Why is it that they do not understand or care about what is happeining in a womans life and/or what they are going through? Instead of understanding, many men just say that women are far too emotional. ID # 2492 4/4/07

#442319 The article I found is a symposium report from The First Annual Conference on Sex and Gene Expression (the article). It discussed recent finding about genetic and hormonal differences between male and female cells and well as how genetic information is transmitted and expressed in males and females. The point I found most interesting in the article was that autoimmune diseases (multiple sclerosis, scleroderma, lupus) affect mostly women. These diseases stem from the T cells not being properly educated by the body, but the article did not know why this in turn led to autoimmune diseases affecting mostly women. Student ID: 2010, April 4, 2007

Why are men afraid to cry, even around people they love? Even though we know that everyone will get sad at some point in their lives, and that it is perfectly ok to show this emotion, why is it that men still have such a hard time expressing themselves? I can understand not breaking down in the middle of class, like I have seen some girls do, but why can't men cry infront of their wives, girlfriends, children etc without feeling ashamed or rejected? Student ID: 3216 April 4, 2007

#442339#442339 At work, there's not much to do but literally stand around and chat. When I talk to the guys, they ask for a 'female perspective.' They always want me to choose between two guy... "who is bigger, better, stronger, cuter, more talented, and etc." Does it really matter that much if the guy next to you is better than you in this one aspect? Student ID:8629 April 4,2007

Why do females become jealous? In many cases women will become overprotective of a boyfriend especially when there is another attractive female in their life. Also, it seems at times women have a need to be the most attractive and standout in a social place. Student ID: 6829 04/06/2007

What is it about a period that makes women so emotional, especially towards their significant other? Often times during a women's period, us men find ourselves on the defense for a week's time out of a month during the women's period. During this time it seems that we can do nothing right and are often blamed for all the bad things going on in a women's life during this time. What can we do right to make the time during the period more hospitable for the relationship as a whole? Student ID: 2084 04/04/2007

Are sex differences proven? Are there really sex differences or do certain people just have certain personalities? I know girls that won’t cry and I know guys that will. I know girls that are insensitive and I know guys that aren’t. Is there objective scientific evidence to prove these differences? Just a thought. Student ID: 2508 4/04/88

Why are most men so carefree? Most of the guys that I know do not care about many things such as homework, while I am stressing out about getting it done. Why do they not care about it as much as I do or most other girls do? Student ID: 7682 April 4, 2007

Why do women think so deeply into every situation and men could care less? I just noticed that mostly all the girls I know will think really deeply into something I’ve said or done and it was something that meant nothing, but they will make it out to be completely meaningful. It can really get men into trouble when women think too deeply into situations and things people say, I guess us men have to watch what we say and do very carefully. Student ID: 3027 04/06/07

Why do females mature faster than males? The acceptable norm is for women do date men older than them. We could answer that women seek men that are taller, stronger, more experienced, thus more reliable to take care of them and their children; but if this is what women ideally look for in the opposite sex, then why can't men the same age as the women have the same level of those qualites... Student ID: 2292 04-04-07

Why do women lead men on?

I know many girls that will lead a guy on to the point where everybody knows that she is doing it to him, and where you think that she likes him. The guy thinks that she likes him too, but the girl has no interest and constantly continues to do so. Why do they do this? ID# 1994 4-04-07

Violence Differences I found this article written by Sharon Jones. The purpose of the article is to determine which gender is more violent in relationships and also in social behavior. As far as most cases go they found that in relationships men and women are similar in rates of violence. There is no specific gender that is more violent rather it is neutral. However in most other cases of violence outside of relationships, men seem to be more violent then women. As far as assaults and robbery go, men are far more participant in these events than women. Men commit seventy nine percent of the assaults and crimes reported. Also as far as assaults are concerned, men seem to be the victims of these assaults, but on a far less scale of fifty five percent. As far as murders go, men dominate that category with a ninety percent scale, and in this case seventy six percent of the victims are male. Student Id: 4961 4/4/07

Do women today still believe that it is a man’s world? In the past I have heard women say that it is a man’s world in business and sports. I was just wondering if women still feel this way today. Student ID: 4563 4/03/07

Why do women always worry so much about their weight? ID: 941048321 4/11/07

Why do men like to show off? ID: 914798798 4/11/07 I understand that members of both sexes can be “show-off’s,” but generally I feel that men show-off more overtly. You could argue that all extreme sports and the X-games competitions are based off this one notion. These sports give guys “valid” excuses to take dangerous risks simply to show off their skills/talents. For example, both my dad and boyfriend ride dirt bikes and neither of them will miss a chance to pop a wheelie in front of onlookers. Are men predisposed to take more risks to show off their capabilities? What do stunts like this really prove? You don’t see very many women trying to jump the biggest jump and risking broken bones, etc.

Why are men so competitive with each other? and Why do they hate to lose against women? Student ID: 7193 4/10/07

I found the article “Sex Differences in the Brain,” published by Scientific American online and thought that it would apply to class. It goes over the differences between men and women in how we solve problems, how aggressive each sex is, and hormonal differences between the two. The studies showed that any differences in behavior were somehow “mediated by the brain,” and that sex hormones influence our human behavior. I thought that it was interesting, hope you do too! Student ID: 5789, 04/01/2007[| scientific american]

In response to the question, "Why do women think about their wedding so much?" It is true that a lot of young women think about and even plain their weddings in detail very early. Every girl has at least given it thought. Why? A wedding can be the most important thing in a person’s life. Historically, a wedding usually means there will be children in the future. Women inherently have the thoughts of raising children and producing offspring. This could be one reason. Also, women tend to show their feelings more and be more public about relationships; a wedding is a perfect public display of love and a chance for the bride to be the center of attention for the day. Student ID: 6701 4/9/07

Why so competitive girls? Why do all girls secretly hate each other and are super competitive with other girls? Also, when two girls are amped on a guy why do they feel the need to battle it out the fullest extent to come out on top? Student ID: 4454 4/4/07

Why are men so simple? I went to the Dr. Drew assembly, and he was telling us the calls he gets from the radio. He explained how women are constantly calling about men while men are calling about themselves. Therefore, it seems as though men are so much simpler than women, but why? September 30, 2008 #8143