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Textbook Readings "Cliff Notes" Summary (class wiki)

Your panel will be responsible for summarizing the class readings assigned for the week of your panel presentation. Your task will be to summarize the readings into the main concepts (not details), summarizing about 4 - 5 pages of readings into about 1 page (single spaced) -- rather like a "Cliff Notes" summary. Your classmates will have access to your summary and can use to study for midterms or the final exam. In addition, before the midterm or final, I will make an mp3 file of what you have written (using the text-to-speech program Textaloud -- see TextAloud.com if you are interested in this software). I will email the class the mp3 file before midterms / final so you can listen to it if you wish.

To add material, first login, then click "Edit."

Enter the name of the chapter(s) you are summarizing. For example:

Buss: Chapter 4

Make it a link by highlighting it, and then click the blue link button above.

After you have made the link, click Save.

Click on your new link, and it will take you to a new page for your summary. Click the Edit button, and enter your text (or copy and paste it from your word processing software).

G&M ch. 14, Dawkins Ch. 10 and 12

Dawkins: Chapter 12

Chapter 15: G&M Culture Chapter 11: Dawkins Memes the new replicatiors

Dawkins Chapter 10

Chapter 14: G&M Social Behavior

Chapter9: G&M Personality Edited

Chapter 9: G&M Individuality: Intelligence and Personality

Chapter 6: G&M Motivation and Emotion

Chapter 6: Dawkins, Genesmanship

Dawkins, The Selfish Gene

Dawkins, Battle of the Sexes Chapter 9

Dawkins Chapter 9

Chapter 5: Consciousness

Chapter 12: G&M Psychology of Human Mating ]

Chapter 3: Immortal Coils

Chapter 13: Families and Development

Gaulin and McBurney, G & M Chapter 4