Week 4

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Psyc 310, Summer Session, Dr. Mills

If you have questions, email me at:[memills@gmail.com]


TOPICS: Chapter 6 Male Animals

Topics: Ultimate Male Themes and Strategies: The Basics / Male reproductive strategies / Male Behavior Across Species / Species with "reversed" male sex roles


Download the PowerPoint slides for this lecture: [[1]]

You may wish to print out the PowerPoint file, so that you can write notes on it as you listen to the lecture. (Note: There may be a few slight differences between the PowerPoint on the recorded lecture and the PowerPoint that you download.)


OPTION 1: Classroom lecture recording

Chapter 6

Part 1: http://mentor.lmu.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/18efa69f-3ccf-4cc2-ae56-5a6c120f0375 start with scene 33 -- go to end (scene 48)

Part 2: http://mentor.lmu.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/53374b39-6300-4eb8-af10-8846acbfe5b4 start with scene 6 end at scene 43

OPTION 2: PowerPoint narration

Part 1: [[2]]

Video clip: Queen of the Beasts: [[3]]

Note: if you wish not to see the scenes of infanticide (killing of the cub by the male lions), stop the video at 18:30.

Part 2: [[4]]

Video clip: Male parental investment [[5]]


Readings: Mills, Chapter 6 [[6]]


Queen of the Beaasts (Lion prides, infantide by male lions -- about 20 minutes.)Diclosure: There is a violent scene of the killing of lion cubs by male lions that might be upsetting to some. If you do not wish to see this, at 19 minutes skip ahead 1 minute to the 20 minute mark[[7]] Male parrot sexual indiscrimination (3 minutes) [http:www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yLisiDEgp8| http:www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yLisiDEgp8]

TOPICS: Chapter 7 -- Mating Systems

Topics: Mating systems: ecological determinants / polygyny, polyandry, monogamy, promiscuity / The biological "marriage contract".



OPTION 1: Classroom lecture

Part 1: http://mentor.lmu.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/53374b39-6300-4eb8-af10-8846acbfe5b4 start with scene 44 end at scene 53

Part 2: http://mentor.lmu.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/edd77824-5208-49f4-b3c8-25f3c2ababbd start with scene 15 end at scene 32

Part 3: http://mentor.lmu.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/edd77824-5208-49f4-b3c8-25f3c2ababbd start with scene 15 end at scene 32

OPTION 2: PowerPoint narration [[9]]


Readings: Mills, Chapter 7 [[10]]


26 Weird Animal Mating Habits [[11]]

TOPICS: Chapter 8 -- Humans: Nature and Nurture

Topics: Human Sex Differences / Nature-nurture interactions / Anti-biological bias of past social science research



OPTION 1: Classroom lecture

Part 1: http://mentor.lmu.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/edd77824-5208-49f4-b3c8-25f3c2ababbd start with scene 33 end at scene 46

Part 2: http://mentor.lmu.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/fa82ba15-0752-4ffc-be79-0794050124f3 start with scene 16 end at scene 50 (end)

OPTION 2: PowerPoint narration

Part A: [[13]]

Part B: [[14]]

Part C: [[15]]

Part D: [[16]]

Part E: [[17]]

Part F:



Readings: Mills, Chapter 8


Required online readings:

Misrepresentations of evolutionary psychology in sex and gender textbooks [[20]]


Online video: Margaret Mead and Samoa (about 45 minutes): [[21]] Nature or Nurture: [[22]] Note: This is a Norwegian documentary, with English subtitles. If a password is required, enter "hjernevask" (no capital letters, no quotes).

Case of David Reimer -- Horizon (about 20 minutes) [http:www.youtube.com/watch?v=QeSvkE9ZtHk| http:www.youtube.com/watch?v=QeSvkE9ZtHk]




BEFORE Sunday, 8pm PST, POST TO THE CLASS WEEK 4 DISCUSSION FORUM (Worth up to 5 points)

Write at least a few sentences describing a question you have, or a relevant comment / reflection, related to one of the class topics this week. The more you demonstrate that you have given some serious thought / investigation to the issue (maybe cite and link to some relevant articles, news or research), the higher your points awarded for this assignment will be (up to a maximum of 5 points). Also, please respond to at least one other thread by another student.

> Go to my.lmu.edu Click on: System Login Click on Brightspace Click on our class Select Discussion from the menu item list at the top Click on the blue highlighted Week 3 Click "Start a New Thread" > Add your comment or question. Remember to include one or two links to an article(s) related to your topic and briefly summarize what you found. > Remember to write a reply to at least one other's post to get full credit. (Worth up to 5 points).

After you have written your comment, remember to save it before exiting.

MIDTERM 2 covers readings and assignments for weeks 3 and 4 of class. Sunday at 8:00pm PST.

Our online midterm will available this Sunday starting at 8pm PST.

You may spend as much or as little time on any particular question, as long as you do not exceed the time limit. If you do, the system will notify me and you will be penalized one point for each overtime minute.

The exam is split into two parts, Part A and Part B, with 25 questions each. After you finish the first Part A, remember to take Part B.

> Go to my.lmu.edu Click on: System Logins Click on Brightspace Click on our class Select Quizzes from the menu item list at the top > Select Midterm 1 - Part A

> ...after you have finished

> Select Midterm 1 - Part B (the midterm has two parts)

Although the test is "open book" -- you are prohibited in getting help from, or collaborating with, anyone else. This would be considered academic dishonesty and would be dealt with per university policies.

Please use a computer with a direct, wired connection to the internet (not a wireless connection). Wireless connections are more likely to be interrupted. Normally, this does not present a problem. However, for security reasons, if you lose your connection even momentarily, Brightspace will not allow you to continue taking the test, and I will have to re-set it for you.

I will be monitoring my email during the testing time window. If you have any problems taking the test, email me immediately: [memills@gmail.com]


If you lose your connection to the internet during the test, try this:

Do NOT close the web browser window. Click the reload/refresh button on your web browser If that doesn't work. try to re-login into LMUConnect immediately

If you can't re-establish a connection with MyLMUConnect, it will not allow you to take it again until I reset the test. If this happens, email me immediately and I will reset the test so that it will allow you to re-take it.

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