Week 6

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Psyc 310, Summer Session, Dr. Mills

If you have questions, email me at:[memills@gmail.com]


TOPICS: Understanding Women

Topics: Understanding women in contemporary cultures.


Download the PowerPoint slides for this lecture: [[1]]


Option 1: Classroom lecture recordings:

Part 1: http://mentor.lmu.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/2d2fda07-75bd-4440-bf2a-796f070af671 start with scene 10 go to end, scene 43

Part 2: http://mentor.lmu.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/6449389d-a1da-41cd-a5a3-5654227b16f2 start with scene 1 stop at scene 11

Skip ahead to scene 27 Go to end (scene 67)

Part 3: http://mentor.lmu.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/18d1976f-4487-4780-94bc-cfa79cd1bff7 start with scene 6 go to end (scene 69)

Note: Due to problems recording the classroom lecture, there are segments of this lecture that are not included. Be sure to review all of the PowerPoint slides.

Option 2: PowerPoint narration

Part 1: [[2]]

Part 2: [[3]]

Part 3: [[4]]

Part 4: [[5]]


Buss, D. Chapter 4-- Women’s Long Term Mating Strategies available at: https://docs.google.com/folder/d/0B9CeNGEoAbqyNzg0NmViMjYtZWNhNy00YjhiLWFhMGEtNzg3OWIyNTMxNjhl/edit

Brizendine, The Female Brain Chapter 4 The Brain Below the Belt Chapter 5 The Mommy Brain Chapter 6 The Emotional Brain

Optional: MP3 audio files of the readings above are available at:


Optional readings (NOT covered on exams):

Buss, D. Chapter 11-- Sexual Conflict available at: https://docs.google.com/folder/d/0B9CeNGEoAbqyNzg0NmViMjYtZWNhNy00YjhiLWFhMGEtNzg3OWIyNTMxNjhl/edit



Click on: System Login
Click on Brightspace
Click on our class
Select Discussion from the menu item list at the top
Click on the blue highlighted Week 3
Click "Start a New Thread"
> Add your comment or question. Remember to include one or two links to an article(s) related to your topic and briefly summarize what you found.
> Remember to write a reply to at least one other's post to get full credit. (Worth up to 5 points).

After you have written your comment, remember to save it
before exiting.



Covers readings and assignments for class weeks 5 and 6.
In addition, just a couple of the questions will cover just the most
important concepts from the first 2/3rds of the class.

You may take the final exam from

Friday, 8pm PST through Sunday at 11:00pm PST
> Go to my.lmu.edu
Click on: System Logins
Click on Brightspace
Click on our class
Select Quizzes from the menu item list at the top
> Select Final Exam - Part A
...after you have finished

Select Final Exam - Part B (the midterm has two parts)

Although the test is "open book" -- you are prohibited in getting help from, or collaborating with,
anyone else. This would be considered academic dishonesty and would be dealt
with per university policies.

Please use a computer with a direct, wired connection to the internet
(not a wireless connection). Wireless connections are more likely to
be interrupted. Normally, this does not present a problem. However,
for security reasons, if you lose your connection even momentarily Brightspace
will not allow you to continue taking the test, and I will have
to re-set it for you.

I will be monitoring my email during the testing time window.
If you have any problems taking the test, email me immediately: [memills@gmail.com]



If you lose your connection to the internet during the test, try this:

Do NOT close the web browser window.
Click the reload/refresh button on your web browser
If that doesn't work. try to re-login into LMUConnect immediately

If you can't re-establish a connection with MyLMUConnect, it will not allow
you to take it again until I reset the test. If this happens, email me
immediately and I will reset the test so that it will allow you
to re-take it.

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